About Us

100 Greetings is on a mission to bring the fantastical experience of light, sound and motion to the world of paper greetings. Founded in 2020 by veteran toy designer, Jay Kamhi, we believe that each card should evoke a joyful, childlike wonder that is guaranteed to bring a huge smile to the face of your friend or loved one.

Creating these little moments of surprise and happiness across the nation is what inspires us to take our card designs to the next level.

Each card plays a different pop song that creates a powerful elevated emotion for the recipient, designed specifically for the occasion. The stunning multi-colored lights are choreographed to dance in sync with the music, creating a truly magical light show experience.

We make sure that every single card is made to the highest possible standards, so you can be safe in the knowledge your special someone will be super impressed.

Browse our exciting range of next generation greetings cards to add a touch of luxury and magic to any special occasion!